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Course Description

This course explores design as a process of facilitation rather than design as a process of expert ideation. Students should already be adept collaborators with other designers. This course focuses on collaborations with non-designers. These collaborations are more than research or consultation sessions. They are moments at which designers teach non-designers to design for themselves. And moments at which designers design tools and techniques by which others can design for themselves and the others. The course will explore the history of participatory design, as it compares to examinations of expert design process, alongside experiments in participatory design.

Key words:

Co-design > Participatory Design > Diffused Creativity > Open Innovation > Empathic Design > …


Learning outcomes

Through this course of study, students will address theoretical and operative frameworks design scholars and practitioners address during all phases of the cooperative design process:

In this course, students will learn and hone abilities to:

• Work in teams and improve their ability to work collaboratively;

• Develop critical approaches to perception, observation and understanding, beginning to develop proficiency researching design contexts, getting in touch with others empathizing  with them and working to gain their trust; Learn to identify, question, and address assumptions (their own and others’), framing design objectives and opportunities as part of a creative and strategic problem setting; Learn to use and frame methods and tools for participatory and/or co-design, beginning to develop proficiency in designing with others, who have specific needs and competences;

• Apply the knowledge gained through experience, readings, and class discussions towards the development of a set of working methods and tools to apply in a range of design contexts;

• Learn to put in place and test an idea, organizing a pilot prototype.

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