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IDEA DATING: The Process and The Outcome

For the past 4 weeks, students have been asked to focus in on an creative art/design project idea and express it clearly back to the group. Together we have learned different ways to brainstorm, synthesis and express our ideas and in the end, the students have created posters that visualize the ideas they would like […]

IDEA CHEAT SHEET: as a way to review

Last week, as we looked at the students ‘in-progress’ posters in class during a pin-up review, we used a cheat sheet that we developed that represented the 5 core ideas we want to focus on and clarify. We passed around this cheat sheet we reviewed each students work and found that this was a great […]

The Skills of Focusing and Visualizing Your Idea

Today in our section students brought in a poster with their top 20 questions around the idea or issue they would like to develop into a project. We then spent the rest of the class giving feedback to each other (through post-it commenting as well as partner discussions) and then in groups of 2 or […]

SKILLS/TOOLS: Defining the ‘players’ / Diagramming the Scenario

Last week, in my (liz) section, we practiced our ‘making sense’ skills by learned about two different diagramming tools to helped us ‘make sense’ of our scenarios both for ourselves and for our colleagues. 1) Persona Profiles: Persona profiles can be used to a) summarize user- centered research or b) imagine the type of user based on […]

Scenario Narratives

DEVELOPING A LISTENING TOOL: IN PROGRESS: Last week, in our smaller class sections, we reviewed and discussed the development of the scenario narrative that each student created over the course of a week. The students were asked to bring in the scenario for discussion and to create a supporting visualization or text document that help […]

Adjusting The Way We Listen

For the first class of the semester, we did a few exercises to get us warmed up to the activity of listening and collaborating. These activities included an exercise that I call, ‘GROUP-NOTES’. The group listens, or in this case we watched a TED talk from Clay Shirky on ‘Cognitive Surplus’. The students were asked to sit […]


For week 2, the students were asked to prepare a 1 minute video showing A type of ‘collaboration’. 16 videos were selected for group review, chosen from the 40 or so entries. We used these videos to have a larger discussion about the definition of collaboration and what that means to us as designers. From […]


Greetings to the students of the 2012 Collaborative lab. We have made introductions to the course this week and in response to an in-class discussion on the notion of ‘COLLABORATION’, ‘COOPERATION’ and ‘PARTICIPATION’, we have asked students to prepare a 1 minute video showing collaboration in action. We look forward to seeing the students work […]