02/02: CH 1: Task B, C– (listening tool)

LAB: Cooperative
Spring 2012

Weeks 1-4 | CHALLENGE 1

a Listening tool (learning how to see, listen, hear, observe, gather)

Design an object, service, or system that facilitates three aspects of communication: articulation, listening, and hearing. Students may work independently or in small groups.Deliverable:

present concept, prototype, testing/response & two critical questions arising from the process++++

This challenge is intended to facilitate a broad conversation in our class about listening—what we think it means, what it takes to do it well, differences in how people listen and what they hear, how we listen, what counts as listening (is seeing, for instance, a form of listening?), what obstructs listening, etc.—and designing or making with these questions and propositions in mind.Your goal in this challenge is to engage these questions, and/or those of your own, through making a device, system, service, or thing that highlights and/or explores them. You will develop a concept and scenario, a prototype, and you will test your prototype and document and reflect on its use by shaping two critical questions to present in the fourth week.

Listening, hearing, observing, and gathering are fundamental to design processes of all sorts, and take on additional significance in collaborative design processes and in the design of collaborative systems. You can work in this challenge to explore not only potential “positive” outcomes and benefits of listening, or ways of facilitating listening, but also, if you choose, the pitfalls, struggles, and difficulties it poses.

We expect projects to show a critical engagement with the issue and encourage you to work with materials, concepts, and skills that are interesting and compelling to you. Keep in mind that your design might seek to “solve” for listening or hearing as a design problem, but it could also primarily pose questions and possibilities about listening and hearing through its use or documentation. Either or both is a welcome outcome for this challenge.

Assignment components and due dates:

Task A (DUE 2.2):
VIDEO 1 – Create 1 minute video identifying a type of collaboration

The video can use text or voice over, but you will not be able to speak over it or introduce it, so it should be entirely self-contained and address these questions: what is the collaboration?, what is collaborative about it?, how does it work?, who does it?

Task B (DUE 2.9):
Bring a visual and/or text-based representation of a scenario to class

This scenario or sketch should begin to address key questions, such as: Who is listening?, Who is being listened to?, What is the context?, What is happening, how?

Task C [FINAL] (DUE 2.16):
Build a prototype of your concept, based on your scenario, and document deployment.  Prepare for review, including presenting concept, prototype, testing/response & 2 critical questions.

Feb 16 | CHALLENGE 1
In class:

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